European Day of Action against Austerity 14.11.2012

Official site here.

The ETUC strongly opposes the austerity measures which are plunging Europe into economic stagnation, recession, and dismantling the European social model. These measures, far from restoring confidence, are only aggravating imbalances and creating injustices.

There is not yet an official European right to strike, so organizing action days is the most ETUC can do. It can call for its members to organize strikes, demonstrations and what-not, but it cannot by itself call a strike.
I am all for an end to austerity. But the situation on the Google Maps -section of the site shows that so far, only austerity-stricken countries are yet organizing something. Nothing in the Netherlands, Germany and Finland. Sweden does have its own currency, so no anti-austerity there (although youth unemployment is rather high as well in Sweden!). The exceptions are so far the UK and Ireland – probably this has to do with their legislation on the legality of secondary strikes and political strikes. At least there was a big demonstration in the UK before last week against austerity.


So by all means participate, debate against the Advocates of Austerity and use social media to mobilize people!


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