Finnish News Sources Clueless about European Action Day 14-11-2012??

It is quite astonishing. And I am not sure in what way. ETUC has already for some time announced the European Action Day against Austerity for today, and the Finnish YLE News seems totally oblivious of this – it talks about ‘a wave of strikes’, ‘unrest’ etc.
So the astonishing issue is two-fold: why does YLE not acknowledge the European action day and why doesn’t ETUC succeed in promoting this day? The map of events shows a rather diverse picture of what is organized, and e.g. in Finland the labour union federations are doing this:

SAK, STTK and Akava take political and media action to call for the respect of workers’ rights in Europe. Activities include meeting with the Prime Minister and Ministers of Finance and Labour. Common demands will be delivered to the European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs Olli Rehn and Members of the European Parliament.

This is valuable, although a far cry from the strikes and demonstrations elsewhere in Europe. But why doesn’t YLE report about this?? Is the labour movement really that insignificant for current politics?


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