And again a price increase of soft-wood pulp!

Here. Södra Cell increase pulp prices.


The old price was $820 per tonne, now $840 per tonne. Markets must be good. But – I have not seen many other companies inform about price increases. Maybe Metsä Fibre will follow again. There are many more pulp mills in Europe and the world, and although it does seem there is still increased demand from Asia for (also) European pulp, it is a question whether buyers are willing to pay this new price. The PIX NBSK pulp index shows that the price of NBSK pulp might be upwards trending, but an index price of around 805 dollars/tonne is quite far from the 840 dollars Södra asks.

One can ask different questions about this price increase: is it a premium on the excellent quality of the pulp, or is the market so tight that for reasons of supply the price increase is warranted? In that case, why don’t all pulp producers follow? I don’t know, but I am interested in the answer!

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