“Rottneros continues production of groundwood pulp”

From this source.

It seems to be a trend – Södrä Cell increases the price of pulp and now Rottneros does continue production (although this is a different type of pulp – CTMP is mechanical pulp whereas NSBK and similars are chemical pulps.

The article states that the grounded pulp developed at the mill would be of particular interest for board producers. I don’t know at what scale Rottneros operates, but the Finnish Forestry Research Instute METLA still indicates that pulp is a growing market, especially in Asia/China, apparently also for board.

Because this is not the only important factor (distance comes to mind), I won’t say anything about the merits of the exchange rates of Swedish Krona, Euro and Dollar relative to the Renminbi. Perhaps the production of pulp for board also is competitive for local producers.


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