Some links about the Hartz-reforms

Because according to my site statistics there is a fair number of people that seeks information of the Hartz-reforms in Germany, I thought it would be good to put some links here, especially since some remarks by Juhana Vartiainen seem to indicate that direction. Some of them are in German.

Entwicklung der Langzeitarbeitslosigkeit in Aufschwung und Krise  About the development of long-term unemployment since 2006.

The German labor market after the Great Recession: Successful reforms and future challenges Why the Great Recession had a relatively mild impact on Germany – some information on the Hartz-reforms

Do new labour activation policies work? A descriptive analysis of the German Hartz reforms A detailed study of the reforms and information about low-wage jobs.

Employment dynamics in Germany: lessons to be learned from the Hartz reforms A thorough research on the effects of the Hartz-reforms


The general tendency of these articles seems to be that this kind of active labour market policy has some kind of positive effect, but there are also serious drawbacks.

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