New paper mill investment in Lithuania

A news report on The Paper Index Times tells of a succesful financing contract for expanding the paper production of Grigiskes AB in Lithuania. It seems that this company does fairly well. The company produces hardboard, sanitary paper and corrugated board. It also has FSC certification for some products and the European eco-label for its sanitary paper. Obviously, this is a different kind of paper than I usually write about, but the financing which was succesfully secured is a ‘modern paper machine’, whithout specifics. Considering the company’s portfolio, this could be something else than sanitary paper, but I should find this out. UPDATE: the paper machine is indeed an expansion of sanitary paper product production. UPDATE 2: Now there is some more news about this on EUWID.

In any case the same investment project has already been applied to the corrugated board production, which is probably reaping dividents already.

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