…but also some good news in Finland

Finland is a very innovative country when it comes to products relating to the forest industries (and in many other ways as well – I will post another time about that).

I have in the past written about biofuels here, and how they could be a future direction for the forest industries. One such innovation is presented by a new company called Suomen Bioauto (no english link yet), which offers ‘the cheapest’ way to convert cars into cars that can run on biofuels. In practice this means gas made from all kinds of biowaste. Alternatively, natural gas can be used. The company can also convert cars so they can use bioethanol. I think this kind of company is very much to the liking of Neil Young, even though it doesn’t make cars into true hybrids.

Another piece of good news is that Stora Enso invests 14 million Euros in its Oulu pulp mill, to make it more environmentally friendly and improve cost effectiveness. The Oulu paper&pulp mill is on one of the bigger mills in Finland, with a capacity of 1 125 000 tonnes/annum fine paper and 360.000 tonnes/annum of long fibre pulp.

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