More bad economic news from Finland

Recently I posted a list of companies which had announced redundancies or forced leave in recent weeks. There is, sad to say, again quite something to add to this list.

Konecranes, which makes all kinds of lifting equipment and provides services in that business also,  starts co-decision negotiations over redundancies and forced leaves of up to 90 persons. In addition, agency work and temporary contracts will be reduced as well. The main reason given is the weakened market and the company’s future competitiveness.

Phone company TeliaSonera is reducing its personnel by 35, focussing on its unit in Lappeenranta. The reason given is to make the organisation more dense. Apart from the redundancies also a number of employees may have to move to other cities, following their jobs.

Playground-equipment maker (and supplier of the equipement of the Angry Birds -amusement parks) Lappset from Rovaniemi announced that it starts co-decision negotiations to put up to 200 employees on forced leave due to weakened markets. This is by itself not a surprise, because its main clients are communities/cities, where it provides playground equipment and park-benches etc. Because Finnish communities/cities are at the moment not in a very good fiscal shape in general, also the demand for this kind of equipment is at least temporarily weaker.

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