Breaking news: Finnish centralized agreement concluded

The Finnish public broadcaster announced moments ago that a so-called Tupo (tulopoliittinen ratkaisu, centralized incomes agreement) has been concluded. Detail are expected after 17:00, because by then the various labour unions and union federations are supposed to report their own councils’ backing to the agreement.

Yesterday it was announced that the ‘Big Attempt’ to conclude this kind of agreement would happen on Friday (today) because the Finnish government agreed on the budget for next year and the so-called sustainability gap in public finance, which meant that now that many issues moved to the labour market partners’ negotiation agenda. The key issue, according to Confederation of Finnish Trade Unions’ Chairman Lauri Lyly, is to get people to work and into working life.

According to YLE, the Finnish government has made significant concessions to make sure a centralized agreement would be concluded.


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