The “European New Deal”

I am glad that Naked Capitalism has a take-down of the “New Deal”. During this week, also Eurointelligence already took down much of it, but that is a subscriber service so I can’t quote from that. But anyway, I am just amazed at those politicians, they truly seem to believe that something that would be leveraged by a factor 15 could actually be seen as safe.

At the moment I am just so frustrated about all of this. Why are these incompetent people in office (at the Commission but also in national governments)? Who benefits? Certainly not the ordinary citizen. I have always seen Europe as a very civilized and ‘ancient’ continent, which appreciates art, democracy and the better things in life – be it more leisure time or nature. But for quite a while now there have been too many politicians that willingly destroy all of this. I am not in favour of a return to a ‘nationalist’ Europe but neither does the perspective of growing fringe parties appeal to me (although many of the extreme left and right do have more sensible ideas than the big middle parties). But somehow we have to get rid of the current amorphous neoliberal centre parties. There should for starters be more debate on television, and on market squares, and in the lobbies of supermarkets….

One response to “The “European New Deal”

  1. Arjen: I certainly agree with your reasoning and views above, thanks for your comments, Best wishes, A. Giannantonio, Parma (Italy)

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