What the OECD has really said about Finland’s economy

I had not had time to read the OECD report but I am very glad about this post. As I have ermphasised many times on my blog, one of the key factors for the stagnation of the economy is domestic demand. There are many other issues, true, but the government could actually enact policies that stimulate domestic demand. That for instance also could mean supporting a proper wage growth in the labour market negotiations.

Finland Politics

monkey-557586_1920We have all heard about or seen on TV Alexander Stubb welcoming the last OECD report about Finland, and congratulating himself and the government on the support for OECDs to the Finnish government’s program.

That is just a communication trick. because this optimistic is simply wrong, and if the government really wants to address Finland’s situation, somebody in the high spheres should read what is actually in the report (click here to read it) and act upon concerns instead of burying it …

The Finnish government program was adopted in Spring 2015 and is based on the assumption that Finland’s problem comes from a lack of competitiveness, but the OECD is attributing Finland’s situation to more factors: the global economic slowdown, the lowering of electronic exports, the lowering of demand for paper and electronics, the collapse of trade with Russia, and the aging of the population. And these…

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