About the blog and me

Copyright Pia Jalkanen 2012

This blog discusses interesting developments in the Finnish (paper) industry in particular, but also pays attention to competition policy, industrial relations and other issues that influence working life.

I am currently working as a post-doc researcher at the Work Life Research center of the University of Tampere. I am a board member of Työelämän tutkimusyhdistys Ry (The Finnish Association of Work Life Research). I am an editor for the Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies.

This blog is another way to participate in public discussions about work, apart from the op-eds I occasionally write for Finnish newspapers. 

Paul Jonker-Hoffrén

8 responses to “About the blog and me

  1. Jaakko Poyry is not God. Historically there are differences in opininion between the Scandinavian (main field of intrest: virgin fiber) and Westeuropean (main field of interest: recycling fiibre) paper and board manufacturing companies. Of course we see (finally) a decline of the use of printable material, as has already been predicted for over 20 years. Printing material production is dominated by Scandinavian based companies and virgin fiber. What ever happens, the demand for tissue and packaging material will prevail, as a laptop does not do much for you in cleaning yourself and in wich way ever you buy goods, they have to be packed and shipped. i do not share the pessimistic view on the future of card – and solid board. As much packaging material end up in USA and Europe, they form now and in future a lasting source for the manufacturing of packaging materials out of 100% recycled material as both the Newark Group Companies in USA and Europe do!

    • Thank you for your comment, you have good points. I do wish to point out that (very roughly speaking) there are two issues important for the carton and board industry in Europe: 1) in the current economic climate, less packaging is needed, because consumption is going down. In Finland a good example is the Stora Enso Ruovesi mill, which makes corrugated packaging board. This mill is closed down next year because of weak demand (and weak profitability). The main reason is the drastic fall of Nokia. This is obviously mainly a local (Finnish) demand problem. But with the economy as it is, it is not unreasonable to think that in the short term also the European board market will be weaker (I think you might be right in general about the need for packaging). The second issue is that more and more packaging comes from China, because that is where the products that ‘we’ buy come from. Obviously, this can be seen as a potential raw material for the European industry, but still. I think you have a good point in general but for the European board market it is relevant WHERE the packaging is made. And that depends probably to a large extent on where the products are made that need packaging. So, yes, more nuance in my argument should have been used.

  2. great blog — do you have an e-mailing list for new postings? A. Giannantonio, Parma (Italy). 19-06-2013

    • Not an emailing list, but on the blog there is a button for the rss-feed. Because Google Reader will stop functioning, I recommend Feedly for rss-feed-readers.

  3. Hey, great blog! Hieno blogi, ajattelin itsekin alkaa kirjoittaa englanniksi varsinkin kansainvälisistä asioista. Itse kirjoita pääosin geopolitiikasta, maahanmuutosta, kotouttamisesta sekä kansantaloudesta, mikä on koulutukseni. Olisi hienoa vaihtaa välillä ajatuksia talousilmiöistä, sillä olemme muutoksen keskellä tällä hetkellä.

  4. Moi, ehkä olisit kiinostunut tästä osiosta. Käytin sinun mainitesmasti Tupo-järjestelmän purkua selittäen miksi palkat nousivat kohtuuttomasta Suomessa 2007 jälkeen. Kiitoksia siitä. Halutako, että referoin sinua tekstissä?


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