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Stora Enso: does the work-force reduction end someday?!?!

When you thought you had covered the recent announcement of Stora Enso’s ‘economizing‘, the company manages to surprise. First with an anouncement of a potential large investment, and today with large co-determination negotiations over approximately 650 redundancies in Finland and about 750 in Sweden. World-wide the goals is to reduce the workforce by 2500 people.

The news item states that the reduction concerns all parts of the company, including services and support.

I seriously wonder what the company aims to achieve here. With less personnel there are less fixed costs, and a potential for increased labour productivity, but how much does the company really want to squeeze its personnel? Has Stora Enso thought about the effects on occupational health? Or does the company simply want to become smaller, give up market share, production capacity? I very much doubt that.