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What if Luxembourg IS the next Cyprus?


Cyprus goes from bad to worse by the day; so does Portugal – Telegraph Blogs

http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/finance/ambroseevans-pritchard/100024025/cyprus-goes-from-bad-to-worse-by-the-day-so-does-portugal/ Please, stop. Why do Germany, the Commission & co continue this madness?!?!

More Eurozone/Cyprus cynicism -the gold of Cyprus

Via Ambrose Evans-Pritchards, we learn that the whole ‘rescue’ of Cyprus is even more botched than thought – the country is forced to sell off part of its gold reserves as part of the deal to get ‘help’!

It is not easy to keep trust in the European Commission and the Northern Countries driving these policies.

Destruction of Cyprus Economy Proceeding Ahead of Schedule

http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2013/03/destruction-of-cyprus-economy-proceeding-ahead-of-schedule.html A bit older link already but quite thorough.

‘50% of Germans do not believe their government honours deposit guarantee’

Wow. That is quite a bit of bad news re the trust in the European governments…

Philip Atticus

Although the world of finance by itself is quite foreign to me, I find the writings of this Philip Atticus of a high quality, especially his observations of the interaction of politics and press (on Cyprus). Furthermore, I think his assessment of the Eurozone/EU is, unfortunately, quite realistic. The level of mismanagement in the Eurocrisis is just staggering. I think the EU by itself has accomplished a lot of good and important things but the monetary union has not been one of them. This is quite a reversal from my student time, when I was very pro-Euro. I guess I didn’t read Paul de Grauwe’s handbook on monetary union well enough.

The Eurozone has proven to be an emperor without clothes. The political hostility by Germany, France and others; the lack of basic understanding of financial operations and banking confidence; the very real effort to demonise Cyprus and Russia; the stubborn insistence on seizing deposits; the deliberate threats of Eurozone exit: these are not behaviours which will soon be forgotten.
Moreover, they are behaviours which appear ingrained, and which have been fully transmitted to national populations via what can only be described as a yellow press.
It is impossible to see how the Eurozone will deal with its deep-rooted competitive distortions given these political reactions. Rather than addressing an issue calmly and rationally, they stir up the worse nationalistic instincts of a European population already beset by economic crisis. Their “solutions” contain the roots of the next crisis. If the Eurozone is unable to solve a EUR 17.5 billion refinancing scheme, how will it solve the EUR 2 trillion national debt of Italy?
Ironically, this bail-out does absolutely nothing to solve the many “problems” attributed to Cyprus by the Eurozone. In the list below, I present the many reasons German politicians found to vilify Cyprus over the past week, and the impact of the current bail-out:
The entire spectacle of European—and particularly German—decision-making in the case of Cyprus is characterised by incompetence, hypocrisy, hysteria, and the loutish behaviour of a schoolyard bully. Rather than solving any issues in Cyprus, it has undermined the trust of international investors in Europe itself, and established the conditions for the next financial crisis in Cyprus, which will almost certainly relate to BOC recapitalisation in the face of deposit flight.
In Cyprus as in Greece, the European leaders have done everything possible through their statements and decisions to destroy international trust in a European Member State. And as with the example of Greece, it appears that these same European leaders have learned nothing.
We look forward to the next European crisis.

‘The Broken Euro’

From Coppola Comment.

I am not being dramatic. The above is a description of the effects of the capital control bill forced through the Cypriot parliament this weekend. From Tuesday, Cyprus becomes a black hole in the Eurozone: any money that goes into it stays there, and no money can leave……From a safe distance, it will appear frozen in time, a small cash-based economy, isolated from the rest of the EU. While inside, invisible to all except those who actually go there – or live there – its social fabric is torn apart as its economy collapses. Note the final clause in the capital control bill:

Any other measure which the Finance Minister or the Governor of Cyprus Central Bank see necessary for reasons of public order and safety

So as people’s livelihoods are destroyed and their standard of living crashes, other measures may be introduced to ensure that they can’t take matters into their own hands.