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Finnbay news

[UPDATE 8.4.2014] I deleted all the links to Finnbay. I wrote some industrial relations -themed news items for that site between 5.3.2013 and 3.9.2013. For information about Finnbay I gladly refer to these items here, here and here.

In the mean time, I hope you will read some of my posts on this blog instead.

[UPDATE 17.2.2014 To be clear about this, I formally stopped writing for Finnbay in the end of November 2013, but my last post was already much earlier 3rd of September to be precise.]



New blog: Groeten uit Finland

I opened a new blog for writing about the Netherlands as it appears through my semi-Finnish eyes. I will write there about Finnish and Dutch news, most likely only in Dutch. You can find the blog here.