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Ilargi: Europe Teeters On The Edge


As often, Ilargi strings together a lot of things that I had on my mind as well. It is important to remember that this mess started with power play by the EU in Ukraine…


Ilargi: European Democracy is roadkill.

Ilargi: European Democracy is roadkill.

This bit says it all, and as I linked the Evans-Pritchard peace last week, it is hard to remain unshocked:

Together, they deliver the following storyline: EU leaders refused to let Greece have a referendum on its bail-out, and toppled PM Papandreou to kill it. Then, afraid that Italian PM Berlusconi would make good on his threat to return to the lira if they stuck to their bail-out conditions, they toppled him. What this means to Europeans is that if they elect a government for their country, and it subsequently falls out of favor with Brussels, they can expect to see it overthrown, and likely have it replaced by a technocrat handpicked by the EU leadership (as happened in Greece and Italy). Ergo: Europe is not a democracy, and pretending otherwise is foolish. Democratic elections in member states are merely empty lip service exercises, because on important topics governments of member states have no say.