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A link with realism on European QE by Francesco Saraceno

He makes some very basic points, that may indicate that QE will not work because we are still in a situation of deficient demand. Also he points out the absurdness of some Draghi’s comments.

Philip Pilkington: The Efficient Markets Hypothesis Has Been Proved Wrong But Economists Do Not Want to Listen


The same thing has been said many times but it is useful to remember, especially with such great arguments thrown in.


Abenomics leads the Rehn-Merkel Doctrine 3.5 to -0.8

Abenomics leads the Rehn-Merkel Doctrine 3.5 to -0.8

A study in differences. Economists must have a field day when there are such clear ‘natural experiments.’ Shame politicians and other actors still don’t understand. Yesterday a local business representative said that he doesn’t ‘do’ theory and that in the real world things work different – we must tighten, slash expenses etc. otherwise we are on the road to Greece. Unfortunately, there was no time for a response in the seminar but people like that prevent recovery.