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‘The view from Germany ‘ and a book recommendation

This post by Simon Wren-Lewis is excellent, and this one by Paul Krugman is a more abstract version of the same thing. The point is (again and again) that what Germany wants most of the rest of Europe to do is simply impossible in current circumstances.

As a companion to this I would recommend the book Austerity: the history of a dangerous idea, by Mark Blyth (Twitter: @MkBlyth). It is simply excellent, well written and should be obligatory reading for any serious parlementarian. Anyone telling you we need austerity has political motives to slash the welfare state.


The history of a dangerous idea (austerity policy)

The history of a dangerous idea (austerity policy)

The book goes in way more detail but this talk is very enlightening and should inoculate you against any kind of bogus you hear on this issue.