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Cyprus goes from bad to worse by the day; so does Portugal – Telegraph Blogs

http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/finance/ambroseevans-pritchard/100024025/cyprus-goes-from-bad-to-worse-by-the-day-so-does-portugal/ Please, stop. Why do Germany, the Commission & co continue this madness?!?!

Commission newspeak and implied threats

I linked to this citation in the previous post but I want to bring it to the fore once more – the European Commission is actually welcoming a decision by the Portuguese government to ignore its Constitutional court!!!

The Court Decision, summarized by the Financial Times is:

The court rejected cuts in state pensions and public sector pay equivalent to about 7 per cent of annual income as well as cuts in sickness and unemployment benefits.

A contested “solidarity” tax surcharge ranging from 3.5 to 10 per cent on pensions of more than €1,350 a month was accepted by the court as well as a 50 per cent cut in overtime pay rates for public sector workers.

The Portuguese government ignored this ruling, and as a result the Commission issued a statement to this effect:

To summarize, the Commission is happy that the Portuguese government chose to ignore a ruling of its constitutional court (“welcomes that…”); it threatens to cut funding if the Portuguese government does not follow its prescriptions (“it is a precondition for a decision…”); it is in a state of denial on confidence (“the growing investor confidence…”); it recommends that democratic discussion does not take place (“it is essential that key political institutions are united in their support…”)

‘The Commission on Portugal: Is This for Real?’

http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/EconomistsView/~3/cgTg66qNv3c/the-commission-on-portugal-is-this-for-real.html Is there still someone that thinks the Commission is not a threat to democracy ? At least with respect to the Eurocrisis.

RISI European Pulp and Paper Map

I finally got it! To some extent I am a very visual person, so it is great to have a map with all pulp and paper mills (as of 2011) on it. Saves me a lot of work – I only had a rough overview of Finnish-owned mills.

Some factoids:

  • I am surprised at the high density of very small mills in Northern Italy
  • There are more paper/board mills in the Netherlands than I thought
  • It is interesting to see the geographical spread of pulp mills – mostly Sweden and Finland, and then Portugal and Spain in the South. Must be the shipments of South-American pulp.

Great stuff. Shame that their other products are way out of the budget of the research community!