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Guardian live-blog: Eurozone recession continues as GDP falls by 0.2% – Finland, Netherlands, Germany, Austria weak.

Over here. Key points:

• French economy shrinks 0.2% in first three months of 2013
• Italy in longest recession on record
• Germany barely grows
• Czech Republic and Netherlands also in recession

I might add that according to these Eurostat data, Finland is equally much in recession as the Czech Republic, Spain and more than the Netherlands. Is another core Euromember going down slowly?

Now, what was that talk about again that the Eurozone is recovering? Where is growth supposed to come from*?

Bloomberg: ‘Finland’s Recession Deepened Last Year as Crisis Extends Reach’


I wrote some background on this last July. Maybe in the end not so correct, regarding potential housing bubbles and the persistence of domestic demand, but still.