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Tiina Ristikari’s dissertation defense: ‘Finnish Trade Unions and Immigrant Labour’

Yesterday I was attending the defence of the dissertation of my colleague Tiina Ristikari entitled ‘Finnish Trade Unions and Immigrant Labour’. The online version is not yet available I think but general information can be found here.


The opponent was Professor Shruti Tambe of the University of Pune, India, who is perhaps best know for the article ‘Collective Subjectivity, Democracy and Domination: The MJVA in Marathwada, India‘. She has also studies issues of work, in particular about skills in relation to the concept of ‘cultural capital.’


The discussion was a very civilized one, and there were some really difficult questions to answer – but Tiina did this well! I am very happy about her achievement (and also that she mentioned one of my own articles in her dissertation!). Professor Tambe had very good suggestions about expanding the theoretical scope of the study, which means it will become possible to duplicate a research like this.


I recommend this study especially for policy makers that face domestic pressures for restricting labour market access for immigrants – this study gives a good analysis of the position of the Finnish trade union movement in relation to the challenges of labour migration and there are probably lessons to be learned for other countries as well.