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VoxEU: German Court decision – Legal authority and deep power implications

German Court decision: Legal authority and deep power implications

I think this is a very deep analysis of this perhaps surprising decision to refer the case to the ECJ.

Rethinking competitiveness: The global value chain revolution | vox

Rethinking competitiveness: The global value chain revolution | vox.

‘Figure 1 provides a comparison of real growth rates of manufactures global value chain income and manufacturing exports between 1995 and 2008. Exports growth overestimates the related income growth of countries that rely heavily on imported intermediates, in particular for Germany and small open economies.[…] Being ‘super competitive’ in terms of exports does not necessarily generate high domestic incomes.’

This is something for the Finnish labour market partners to ponder this Autumn.

Eurozone macro orthodoxy: Options for the coming reversal | vox

http://www.voxeu.org/article/eurozone-macro-orthodoxy-options-coming-reversal These are interesting policy options. They are also not completely new – the idea of a local tender hasb been expressed before on VoxEU and elsewhere. But the main point is that there is an escape to the destructive austerity policies without leaving the euro.